Parish Council meeting Tuesday 5th March 2024

7pm at Charminster Community Hall


  •  24/3-1. Welcome and Chairman’s address.
  • 24/3-2. To receive apologies for absence
  • 24/3-3. To receive declarations of interest or consider grants of dispensation.
  • 24/3-4. To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 6th February 2024 and sign the same.
  • 24/3-5. To receive matters arising from the above minutes (for information only).
  • 24/3-6. Public Discussion Period
  • 24/3-7. To receive the draft Transport Strategy, consider a date for a special meeting to adopt the paper, also agree to gather rough costings for the schemes.
  • 24/3-8. Council Property
    1. To discuss allowing dogs on some Parish Council property.
    2. To consider the Charminster Farm Allotment rent given the outstanding issues.
    3. To discuss the recent theft of troughs at Charlton Down Allotments
    4. To consider the repair of the goal mouths at the Olympic Park Charlton Down.
  • 24/3-9. Finance and General Purposes
    1. To consider the quotes for compost bins at the Charlton Down Allotments.
    2. To consider the costs of 6 new fence posts at the CD Community Orchard
    3. To consider the cost of the replacement gate at the Nature Area
    4. To consider the purchase of pond plants for the Nature Area
    5. To consider purchasing gravel for the paths at the Nature Area.
    6. To consider the purchase of Pickle Ball equipment for the Community Hall.
    7. To receive the monthly finance reports and check bank reconciliations.
    8. To approve all payments due and those paid since the last meeting.
  • 24/3-10. To consider any planning matters.
  • 24/3-11. Matters of correspondence for information or interest.
    1. To confirm a date for the annual litter pick
  • 24/3-12. To make arrangements for the Annual Parish Assembly
  • 24/3-13. To confirm items for the next PC meeting on 2nd April 2024 at Charlton Down


Meeting Agendas and Minutes 2023-24

CPC Agenda 05-03-24

CPC Minutes 06-02-24

CPC Agenda 06-02-24

CPC Minutes 05-12-23            

CPC Agenda 05-12-23

CPC Minutes 06-11-23

CPC Agenda 06-11-23

CPC Minutes 03-10-23

CPC Agenda 03-10-23

CPC Minutes 05-09-23

CPC Agenda 05-09-23

CPC Minutes 04-07-23

CPC Agenda 04-07-23                 

CPC Minutes 06-06-23

CPC Agenda 06-06-23                

CPC Minutes 02-05-23

CPC Agenda 02-05-23                

CPC Minutes 11-04-23

CPC Agenda 11-04-23