All households should have received a copy of the latest Wind Farm survey.  If you would like to print out further copies please do so here:

Wind Farm Survey October 2014

Alternatively you can complete it online at:

Misleading information from the NoSlyersLaneTurbine group

Residents need to be aware that a leaflet distributed to homes in the parish misrepresents the parish council.

The leaflet states ” Currently a majority of our parish council appear to support this inappropriate industrialisation”. The Parish Council has not yet considered the planning application and is still gathering the views of local residents. Parish councillors have not taken any vote which would in any way suggest whether parish councillors might support (or oppose) the planning application.

The leaflet also goes on to list what the noslyerswindturbines group claim the Parish Council has omitted to tell residents. These are not things the Parish Council would be expected to tell residents but are the views of the protest group. Some even appear to be incorrect. Dorset County Council tells us that Dorset has not met its 2020 renewable energy target in the Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole Renewable Energy Strategy.

Wind Farm Survey – October 2014