Changes to Dorset Council Housing Register

Very important – anyone on the Council waiting list for social housing must now re-apply to join the new Dorset Council Housing Register by the 1st of October this year.

Following the recent local government reorganisation Dorset Council is changing how properties are allocated and how people should apply for housing with a new Home Choice website from the 4th of October.

To re-apply you will need to access the Dorset Council website to open a new account at:

Time is of the essence as it is essential to meet the 1st of October deadline to ensure that you keep your original registration date.

Properties will continue to be advertised on the current Council website until the 1st of October and then on the new website from the 4th of October if you have re-applied and been assessed. New applicants for housing – anyone aged over 16 years – will now only be able to apply to join the Housing Register from the 4th of October this year.

You will need an email address to both re-apply and apply, with advice and support on this available from the Dorset Council Digital Hotline 01305 221048 (Mon. to Fri. from 10 to 12 noon).

Advice about the Housing Register policy and process is available by email to: or by phone on 01305 221739.