Breaking news as at 14th July 2023:

The New Charminster Farm Allotments are being transferred to the Parish Council this week…

Charminsters allotment holders
have now moved to a temporary site off Wanchard Lane.
Their former site off Weir View is being cleared for the next phase of the Charminster Farm development.

The new site, though, is only temporary, and the plots will be moved again in another year or so to a site
by the electricity substation further along Wanchard Lane.

 Don Rousell has been elected chairman of the newlyformed Charminster Farm Allotments Association. The original allotments
were on land that was privately owned. Under an agreement with Wyatts, Charminster Parish Council will now take responsibility for the
new allotments and charge an annual rent.

Wyatt Homes are providing temporary storage for those who decided to stay but when they eventually move to the final site, each allotment will
be furnished with a new shed, along with water supplies

The new permanent allotment facility will be located further to the west and should  be completed this year (2023).