Charminster Community Orchard (Millers Orchard)

The Orchard is owned and managed by the Parish Council for the benefit of the
community and is open to everyone.
The historic Orchard was recreated in 2003 on a small piece of land in Mill Lane,
Charminster, previously owned by West Dorset District Council.
The 950 square metre site was planted with a variety of local apple trees by people
representing the village, including the oldest resident, local children, the publican
and the shopkeeper.
In July 2023, a project was completed to prune and shape the apple trees, clear dead
neighbouring trees and overgrown branches and cut the undergrowth.
The Parish Council have also recently purchased and installed two recycled benches.
Occasional events such as wassailing and apple pressing have been held in the
When ready, the apples are free to all members of the local community for domestic