Annual Parish Council meeting
Tuesday 14th May 2024, 7pm at Charminster Community Hall
24/05-1. Election of Chairperson for 2024-25 – completion of declaration of acceptance of office
24/05-2. Election of Vice Chairperson 2024-25 – completion of declaration of acceptance of office.
24/05-3. To receive and accept apologies of absence.
24/05-4. To receive declarations of Interest or consider grants of dispensation.
24/05-5. To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 2nd April 2024
24/05-6. Matters arising from the above minutes (for information only).
24/05-7. Public Discussion Period
24/05-8. To consider the vacancies on Charminster North Ward (Charlton Down) for filling by Co-option at a future meeting.
24/05-9. To confirm the Councillor roles, responsibilities, and reps for outside bodies of for the coming year see list.
24/05-10. To confirm the meeting dates and venues for the coming year
24/05-11. To consider if the Council is eligible to use the General Power of Competence
24/05-12. To reaffirm the Standing Orders and Financial regulations and Code of conduct
24/05-13. To reaffirm all other Policies of the Parish Council
24/05-14. Planning Matters – to consider any planning applications in circulation.
24/05-15. Finance
a. To consider a grant towards the children’s activities at the Annual Fete
b. To consider a request from a resident to adopt the grit bins on Charminster Farm
c. To consider the quotes and fitting water at allotments
d. To consider all payments and receipts since the last meeting
e. To carry out the Bank reconciliation checks
f. To arrange a meeting of the F&GP in May to agree Annual Governance & Accountability Return for approval by Full Council in June
24/05-16. Council property-
a. To confirm the new rota for the play inspections.
b. To note there is now a Website and Facebook page for the Charlton Down Nature Area
24/05-17. Matters of Information and Interest and items for next agenda
24/05-18. Date of next meeting- Tuesday 4th June 2024 at Charminster