Parish Council meeting Tuesday 3rd October 2023


7pm at Charlton Down Village Hall




  • 23/10-1. Welcome and Chairman’s address.
  • 23/10-2. To receive apologies for absence
  • 23/10-3. To receive declarations of interest or consider grants of dispensation.
  • 23/10-4. To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 5th September 2023 and sign the same.
  • 23/10-5. To receive matters arising from the above minutes (for information only).
  • 23/10-6. Public Discussion Period
  • 23/10-7. To receive recommendations from the Charminster Movement Strategy working group
  • 23/10-8. To consider the location for the EV Charging points in Charlton Down and Charminster
  • 23/10-9. Finance and General Purposes
    1. To consider the updates to the Standing orders and Financial regs (F & GP)
    2. To consider a Grant Awarding policy (F & GP)
    3. To consider the quotes gathered for the tree works based on the tree report of May 23.
    4. To receive the monthly finance reports and check bank reconciliations.
    5. To approve all payments due and those paid since the last meeting.
  • 23/10-10. To receive a report on the activities for the Charminster Community Hall.
  • 23/10-11. To consider any planning matters.
  • 23/10-12. Matters of correspondence, information or interest.
  • 23/10-13. To confirm items for the next PC meeting on 7th November at Charminster Community Hall.
CPC Parish Council meeting 03-10-23